Going to be a very busy Summer

For the last few years we have been trying to make our present location work – and it has – sorta.   But……we have found a new location that we are very excited about and will handle our needs for many years to come so it’s time to move.  OK so it’s not quite time to move.  We do have a contract to purchase our new location and we are 30 days into our 60 day due diligence.  We also have secured a contract of sale for our present location – subject to our due diligence being acceptable.  So, not only will we have to be out of our present location in about 60 days, find a temporary location, secure financing (lots of fun there), assemble a team to design our new location office/showroom/warehouse, get it through pre passive certification, then go build it.  As I said – It’s Going To Be A Very Busy Summer (and fall).  Stay tuned………….

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