Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump using C02 Refrigerant

We are excited to announce that we have decided on the hot water system for this project.  The Sanden hot water heat pump uses C02 as it’s refrigerant.  Normal refrigerant R410 is listed as having a GWP (Global warming potential) factor of 2,000 while C02  is 1 – that’s “ONE”.


The Sanden system has a COP (coefficient of Performance) rating of 5 while most others are in the 2’s which makes this unit over twice as efficient in it’s energy use.  To be Energy Star rated, electric water heaters are required to have a EF (Energy Factor) of 2.2 with the Sanden being 3.84.   The New Gen3 model extends the distance between the tank and heat pump to 50′ as well as an extended operating temperature range of -20F to 175F.  While noise was not necessarily high on our deciding factors these units operate at 37dB which is considered Whisper quite.


Bottom line – can’t wait to get this unit installed.